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Links to off-site resources

There are a growing number of websites devoted to Ontologies (in all its guises). Listed below are those most relevant to the BORO Program. If you are looking for an extensive list of ontological sites, then most of the sites below maintain such a list.


The European Process Industries STEP Technical Liaison Executive has used the BORO techniques extensively in the construction of its 'data models'. Its home page is at:

The latest EPISTLE Core Model - version 4.0 - can be found at:

Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA)

Has a website devoted to matters ontological. Its home page is at:

Of particular interest is an 'Ontology Bibliography' to be found at:

The Buffalo Ontology Site

This is maintained by Barry Smith. It contains information on ontology, on the history of ontology, and on contemporary ontology and its applications, as well as links to other ontology sites and announcements of relevant conferences and publications.

John Sowa's maintains an interesting website devoted to explaining (his vision of ) ontology at:

Business Objects: Re-Engineering for Re-Use

This book describes the BORO Approach in some detail. The link to Amazon is:

An electronic copy of a version currently being revised can be downloaded from here: