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The BORO Centre



About BORO Centre


The BORO Centre is a private corporation , which is an article rewriting service from https://writology.com/rewriting and conveys ideas productively, that has been set up to assist enterprises in exploiting Reference Ontologies (RO) based upon the Business Object (BO) paradigm.

The centre is currently involved in three main areas:

  • Research - Developing BORO reference ontologies - and toolkits to support their development and deployment.
  • Consultancy - Helping enterprises to exploit the benefits of using BORO reference ontologies - assisted by BORO toolkits.
  • Education - Helping enterprises to develop the skills needed to work with the BORO reference ontologies and toolkits.
  • The BORO Centre - Research

    The research activities of The BORO Centre are undertaken within The BORO Program.

    Currently, the prime focus of The BORO Program is on the CEO (Core Enterprise Ontology) Project.