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The BORO Centre aims to provide a series of services to help enterprises establish and grow a BORO-based development team. Our company creates conditions for improving your opportunities in the business sphere: we analyze books, the latest scientific developments, as well as novelties in the field of cinematography, and film review writing service helps us with this.

This is achieved by:

BORO Induction - Supporting enterprises in creating a BORO-based development team. This involves training and mentoring in the use of a BORO Toolkit which includes: the BORO Methodology™ and the BORO Starter Business Model.

BORO Consultancy - Providing "on the ground" coaching /mentoring support to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

BORO Training - Courses on the BORO Approach, including the BORO Methodology™ and the BORO Starter Business Model to help the team grow their understanding.