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Overview of the BORO Program

The goal of the BORO Program

... is to help enterprises implement seamless interoperatability between their business applications, by working with them to continue using and developing BORO's approach, which provides a framework for radically simplifying their application interfaces' semantic complexity.

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The focus of the BORO Program

... is currently on the seamless interoperability of enterprises operational applications.

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The challenges facing the BORO Program

... are both technical and managerial.


Purpose of this Public Resources Website

... is to provide resources that will assist enterprises in reaching BORO's goal. These resources are of four main kinds:

  • Educational materialsfor developing an understanding of the BORO approach.
  • A business object ontologyan overall framework for encouraging simplicity and ensuring consistency within reference ontologies.
  • Reference ontologiesstandard frameworks for supporting the integration of particular business areas.
  • A methodology for extracting reference ontologies from existing systems.